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WAPS Trading is one of the leading pumps, controls, and motor suppliers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it is engaged with supplying, installation, testing & commissioning maintenance of pumps, motors, controls and all the related equipment. We carry a full line of pumps, standard centrifugal pumps, API, Gear Pump, Screw Pump Eccentric Disc Pump, all Positive Displacement Pumps, Chilled water pump, domestic water pumps, fuel pumps, turbine pumps and progressive cavity pumps.

Water & Wastewater Transmission Lines.

Water & Wastewater Transmission Lines.

Pumping & Lifting Stations

Pumping & Lifting Stations

Boosting Systems.

Boosting Systems.


Power System

WAPS Power assists customers in developing the most efficient and cost-effective power solution in line with their project requirements and customized to suit various verticals & Applications. Our offering includes the followings:

  1. Prime, and Emergency (Standby) power generators, ranging from 18KW to 3,200KW.
  2. Sound or weather proof enclosures & trailers for generators.
  3. Transfer switches, LV & MV switchgears and advanced controls.
  4. On-site Installation, Testing and Commissioning for single or multiple set applications.
  5. Load Bank testing in house.

Products & Business Partners

Engineered products of international leaders in water treatment & pumping technology for:

  1. Environmental Process.
  2. Water Treatment.
  3. Industrial Process.
  4. Power Plants.

Dewatering Systems

For many applications wherever dewatering of water , rain , storm water , Sludge Applications are necessary suitable for all heavy-duty construction applications. The facility with which they are transported and their electric or diesel engines make them easy to use anywhere it is necessary to move liquids.

Our Portfolio

  • All
  • Electrical Components
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Water pumps

We are the Sole agent in Saudi Arabia for:

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